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Lucid Dream Machine - Article

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This is a retired article from our site, by Michael Kennedy.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware of the experience of dreaming, while in a dream state. Lucid dreaming can be taught to anyone with the help of a lucid dream machine but they are very expensive. The dream machine helps to influence the lucid state during REM sleep. The lucid machines provide a way to express a desired scenario and learning opportunities. The dreaming machine consist of a dream (REM) determination circuit, an analog record, volume-controlled playback circuit and a user-settable delay. The lucid dream machine allows the individual to determine the time from determination of REM to the actual instant, so that the prerecorded message is transmitted back to the user. The lucid machines are also equipped with a coupling jack, which allows auxiliary devices to be attached to the machine and work in conjunction with the main unit.

The Nova Dreamer (a lucid dream machine) helps someone to start having lucid dreams. This lucid machine offers the features one should need to set off on his/her adventure. The Novadreamer dream machine (Nova Dreamer) includes the following features:

Preset modes for easy use: This feature of the machine has three preprogrammed settings for light, medium and deep sleepers allow someone to get started with minimum adjustments.

  • Comfort and compactness: All the devices used with a lucid dreaming machine are covered with soft, flexible sleep mask.   
  • Battery power: The lucid machines usually operate on two cells.
  • Simplicity: The machine is operated with a single dial and a button.
  • REM detection: Technology of lucid dreaming machines enable one to detect REM using a light, somewhat uncomfortable mask
  • Reality-test button: To differentiate between the dreaming and waking states the lucid machine is used.
  • Dream Alarm: To enhance dream recall this feature of the machine awakes you from REM sleep and dreams.

The Nova Dreamer or Novadreamer (dream machine) is a device which will give signals while dreaming and enables you to experience the dream as real. The Nova Dreamer - machine makes it easier for anyone to become lucid in his/her dreams and discover a fascinating realism. The dream machines comprises of a flexible sleep mask with a small printed circuit board snuggle in foam which helps to sleep comfortably. The mask of the novadreamer lucid machine is entirely self-contained and motorized by two little batteries. The mask of machine has a sensor that detects eye movements. While dreaming the mind will integrate the flashing lights into the dream and dreaming occurs only while you are in REM sleep. The Nova Dreamer also includes a `reality button' placed between and above the eyes. This button of the machines help to check that one is really awake or not.

The unit of this lucid machine is awkwardly designed. All the microelectronics of dreaming machine is fitted on a small board pad as if they look like an ordinary soft sleep mask. Using a 10-position dial and button, one can easily change any of the parameters and the light patterns; adjust the brightness; and set the sensitivity of the sensor. This lucid device sets a dream alarm to wake anyone five minutes after each dream so that one can make short notes and write them all finally in the morning.

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