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Lucid Dreaming Sex - Article

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This is a retired article from our site, by Michael Kennedy.

There are many practical applications of Lucid Dreaming like Problem Solving, Lucid Living, Yoga, Self hypnosis, lucid dreaming sex, Health Issues, Art, sport, and many others.

Since lucidity at its best is full conscious awareness of "Self" in a dream environment, perhaps it would be best to morally behave and practice lucid dreaming sex. After all, being "aware" of the actions of having sex while dreaming allows understanding any moral betrayals or feeling guilty for the actions of dreaming sex. The guilt will not make you feel that you are actually hurting people you love as lucid sex obviously is not real and people who love you will never know what you did. Since dreaming about sex tends to linger as "real" memories of conscious moments, you do not have the risk of practicing what you did while lucid dreaming sex.

Lucid dreaming of sex creates situation where no one is harmed but is there any possibility of one damaging him or herself? Ultimately, the answer is no; it isn't possible for actions in lucid dreams to have negative effect on the dreamer at all, however one may mot get any cultural support system that deals with lucid dreaming of a sexual nature. One should have enough mature philosophy of sex experience to protect him(her) from causing himself(herself) any damage by dreaming about sex.

A dreamer can be engaged in a dream about sex; just as instinctive with a partner with whom it is not possible in real life since lucid dreaming is all about sleeping consciously. If a person feels guilty about these dreams, then they need to ask themself why do I want to do that? And if he found it offensive, then it's his own desires that he may or may not proceed further with lucid dreaming about sex.

How about watching a movie with sex in it? Then can one say lucid dreams with sex is immoral without concluding that these are also immoral? This type of concern is so close to reality that it could be dangerous. Then the question of philosophical maturity comes, because here comes the difference between life sex and dreams.

If a lucid dreamer's events and proceedings during a dream struggle with his own sense of what is right then the dreamer has to decide consciously before he proceeds with that action. In this process the dreamer may ignore what he believes is right thus betraying his own sense of right and wrong just to have the sexual experience he has chosen. Thus it has nothing to do with consciously and rationally deciding whether something is morally wrong during lucid dreaming erotic. It has just to do with deciding whether to or not to participate in an action that the dreamer feels is wrong, heartily. But if just a “mature” philosophy is behind the thought of not to experience lucid sex, then maturity may cause more damage than doing bad things in lucid dreams.

Thus finally, it can be told that dreaming is nothing but an exploration where the dreamer gets to know the real him.

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