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Lucid Dreaming Techniques - Article

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This is a retired article from our site, by Michael Kennedy.

Lucid dreams are the ultimate "virtual reality". A lucid dream is as vivid and real as the "real" waking life. One can control the dream. With lucid techniques, one can go anywhere, meet anyone, do anything. Any imagination can be experienced as real.

Dreaming techniques allow a person to use some hours, which are otherwise wasted in sleep. In lucid dreaming one can explore his dream symbols, face challenges and can have fun. The dreaming techniques are actually quite simple. But one might take months or even years to get results without insight. The main aim of the lucid dreaming kit's techniques is to have you dreaming lucid in just 7 days!

There are essentially two aspects of lucid techniques.

  • Learning to recognize dreams through lucid dreaming awareness.

  • Habitually questioning state of consciousness in while dreaming lucid.

Almost all whom are serious learn lucid dreaming with these techniques in a week; others may take a few weeks before they first dream lucidly though they learn the techniques. Some lucid techniques which acts as steps for lucid dreaming are:

  • Question Your State: "Am I Dreaming?"
  • To become lucid one should realize that he is dreaming. The best way to do that is to get into the habit of asking yourself, this technique is taught.
  • The Dream Diary: Recording the dreams in a Journal
  • To become aware of the state of dreaming, one should know what his dreams are like and should be able to recognize them. Spending some time in recording the lucid dreams in a diary can do this. A dream diary technique is to be maintained. The purpose of a Dream Diary is to help to recognize the personal dream signs.
  • Dream Signs: The clues to prove that a person is dreaming through this dreaming technique. One should notice his Dream Signs in the waking world. Dream Signs don't have to be spectacular. In fact the best ones are those that a person normally cannot notice.
  • One of the Lucid techniques called the spin technique is widely used to prevent dreams from ending - or at least to delay the moment.
  • Some techniques are less suitable to a regular daily work schedule. An experienced guide can help a person in developing his lucid techniques by personal training. Few lucid dreams are:
  • Master dream recall technique: This is the most effective among all lucid dreaming techniques. A reliable effort to remember dreams will help ones waking mind to become more friendly with your dreaming awareness and will also allows to become more known with your personal dreaming content. Lucid dreaming will be more successful when one can recall a dream per night.
  • Arise during the night technique: During morning naps after a period are more productive and provide the best pay-off.
  • Visualization (MILD) dreaming technique: This lucid technique is especially more effective, even though it will be difficult to focus upon. These are practiced while sleeping.
  • Plan a lucid dream activity technique: This can be planned in advance. Engaging someone in the dream scenario is the best activity for maintaining dreams. 
  • Be patient and persistent technique: Is a skill that requires time and focus to master; even though many people experience success the first night or during the first couple of days.
  • Keep your life in balance dreaming technique: The ideology and realizations connected with lucid dreams and related experiences are extremely powerful. Such an approach can bring great imbalances and even unnecessary calamities into your waking life.

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